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Meet theTeam

These are the superstars and the playmakers responsible for creating gain-winning change. Every member of the MMC team brings valuable insight to the table. Be it from creative design to project management, their flexibility and collaboration will fit into any team dynamic.

Michelle McKenna

Founder and CEO

Michelle McKenna is the Founder and CEO of the Michelle McKenna Collaborative. Michelle is dedicated to helping C-suite executives overcome strategic hurdles, deliver outstanding customer experiences, and maximize market gain using the team, technology, and resources that they have available.

She has been leading change for over two decades with brands like Disney, Universal Studios Orlando, and the NFL. Hailed as one of the greatest women in tech and a CIO Hall of Fame member, she also has a strong passion for writing made evident in her upcoming book First and Goal.


Collaborative Team

Mark Abesamis
Program/Project Manager

Mark Abesamis is The Collaborative's Program/Project Manager with over 10 years of experience leading project teams for some of the world's biggest brands in a variety of industries - ranging from user experience design, large-scale research, mobile & web applications, marketing, technology solutions, to banking & finance, PMO solutions, and operational risk management. Mark holds a Bachelor's degree in Legal Management and a Master's degree in Business Administration. In his free time, Mark likes getting lost in history books and finding his next great foodie adventure with his family and dog. He is also an avid Celtics and Patriots fan.

Jackie McKenna
Creative Director

Jackie McKenna holds a BFA in Acting from Syracuse University where he also minored in English textual studies. Jackie is The Collaborative’s Creative Director responsible for writing, editing, and brand positioning. He is also the host and audio engineer of several podcasts for the Collaborative and beyond.

Liz Mazzarone
Marketing Coordinator

Liz Mazzarone is the Marketing Coordinator of The Michelle McKenna Collabortive. She has a background in technical design, social media management, and fashion design. She enjoys a challenge, creating solutions, and being a team player. Liz is a wife, a mother to two, and a passionate runner.

Jessa Sumapid

Jessa Sumapid is a Computer Science graduate with over 5 years of experience in professional office executive assistant positions and track record of strong performance in high-pressure environments. She manages administrative duties at McKenna Collaborative.